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Meditech HIS / EHR Software

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MEDITECH – formally, Medical Information Technology, Inc. – offers a widely-adopted HIS / EHR software solution. The company was founded in 1969, and is based in Boston, MA.

MEDITECH reports over 2000 clients running their EHR system.

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MEDITECH has multiple platforms and wide adaption but faces strong competition both in small hospital and large health system markets.

They have a very comprehensive offering, covering HIM, ED, HR, Revenue Cycle and Cost Accounting, Behavioral and Home Health, and much more.

The EHR software is primarily known as an inpatient system. However, they purchased LSS Data Systems in Spring, 2011, which had an ambulatory offering.

As MEDITECH nears release of an ambulatory module for their 6.x platform, they are finding themselves losing clients to either Epic or Cerner EHR purchases or acquisitions by large health systems already running Epic Medical or Cerner.

Much rides on the coming redesign of the software, and the integrated platform spanning ambulatory, inpatient, home health, and more. MEDITECH needs to move quickly not only to grow but to preserve its current client base.

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