Meaningful Use

Background of Meaningful Use

EHR Meaningful Use

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (passed in 2009) included the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act, know as HITECH. HITECH is largely managed by the Department of Health & Human Services, particularly their ONC division (Office of the National Coordinator.)

The Act enabled health systems and providers to get incentive money based on their billing to Medicare or Medicaid. Objectives were put in place requiring applicants to meet specific measures to receive incentive funds.

This was the genesis of “Meaningful Use.” Meeting Meaningful Use means meeting the objectives laid out in the regulations.

Getting Paid

A primary requirement is procuring or upgrading to a Meaningful Use certified electronic health record software.

HealthRecord.US provides a tool to simplify the initial research work.

Our team can match you to EHR vendors that serve your region, hospital type or specialty, and specific requirements. Fill out the form below to be matched to the top 5 to 6 vendors for your specific needs – use the quick HealthRecord.US tool – free with no commitment.

Next Steps

Meaningful Use is attainable through education and some workflow modification.

It can very intimidating to review the legislation paperwork, but be encouraged that many of your peers have completed the process.

If qualified for Medicaid, the roadmap to get started is even easier, as your first year requires only that you purchase or upgrade to a Meaningful Use certified EHR. Your second year will require 90 days of meeting the objectives in “Stage 1.”

It is important to run reporting as soon as possible to identify your practice’s weak spots.

Some vendors have dashboards that allow a real-time view into provider performance on the various dashboards.

After completing our RFQ form, and selecting preferred vendors to interview, be sure to inquire about meaningful use dashboard and reporting options.