Greenway EMR Review

Greenway Outpatient Software System (PrimeSUITE EHR)

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Greenway EMRGreenway Medical Technologies is based in Carrollton, GA.

The company was founded in 1998 and went public in 2011. In 2011, Greenway reported $89.8M in revenues. They have 630 employees and serve over 33,000 providers.

The company’s flagship product, PrimeSUITE – Greenway’s EMR – has received many industry awards. This positive press, sales presence, and a well-designed product, have led to explosive growth for Greenway. A major challenge for Greenway may be meeting the workforce recruitment and retention numbers needed to meet this huge demand.

Market Strengths & Opportunities

As the secondary market takes root, Greenway is seeing their implementations expand beyond first-time purchasers. Approximately 40% of their sales are now “rip & replacement” sales, where another electronic medical record system had been implemented previously. This is a positive sign from a product standpoint: Greenway is seen as a better solution by clinics to correct their previous adoption missteps. Also, when they can align with a sponsoring hospital, Greenway can be rolled out as part of the ambulatory strategy. With the signification growth in provider acquisitions by hospitals, this can be great placement for well-respected solutions such as Greenway.

While the federal Meaningful Use program is driving business to Greenway, they do face some challenges in the near future. Greenway’s EMR is ambulatory care-focused. The Accountable Care Organization initiative incentivizes health systems to integrate when possible, and all-in-one acute/ambulatory systems such as Epic’s EMR become very appealing. Greenway must attack the niche of serving independent providers, and hospitals with an established HIS system needing a separate solution for their clinics.

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