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Electronic Medical Record Software Comparison and Quotes (Free Service)

Over 600 vendors are now offering health record solutions to health care providers. Federal incentives have played a part in exploding this market, and it has become more and more difficult and time-consuming to parse through the myriad of systems. Many are certified for Meaningful Use, so it is up to the individual health care organizations to compare EMRs and determine the best fit for their technology needs.

Many early adopters are now replacing their EHR systems, so it can certainly pay to carefully evaluate and select a reputable vendor with a capable charting solution.

The various systems and vendors have many strengths and weaknesses to consider. Leading vendors include Epic and Greenway. It is important to review top vendors whether you’ve decided to replace paper with your first system or to replace the EMR that you previously implemented.

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EMR Comparison

When comparing these EMR prices, evaluators will want to determine what components and services are included. Here are some example questions:

  • Is a patient portal included, sold separately, or not available at all?
  • Are the tools included for eRx and computerized physician order entry?
  • What is the database technology that your systems is built on (SQL, Oracle, MUMPS, etc.)
  • Does the implementation include on-site support for Go-Live? Where is your support center located? Is after-hours support available?

Health care organizations should schedule demos with the most promising vendors. They should be certain to have at least one participating provider champion involved in the selection process, as well as representatives from the billing office, front desk, lab, etc.

HealthRecord.US is proud to offer free evaluation tools to health care organizations.

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