Cerner EMR Review

Cerner Inpatient and Ambulatory EHR Software Review

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Cerner EMR

Cerner Corporation is a hugely successful health IT company – the largest in the US. They offer an EHR system with significant adaption in health care organizations across the world, utilized in approximately 10,000 locations.

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Cerner was founded in 1979, and released their HIS system in 1984. They have grown to about 12,000 employees.

They have an international presence and have continued to prosper in the past decade. Cerner’s full year bookings for 2013 were a record $3.77 billion.

Cerner Software

Cerner is an innovative player in the EHR market, focused on offering integrated systems.

The Cerner offering includes ambulatory software as well, as part of a complete patient record. This has enabled the company to compete head-to-head with Epic, another dominant player in the healthcare IT field.

This has also provided Cerner with an edge as hospitals acquire clinics and build growing, integrated health systems.

Cerner gets an edge with a sometimes lower cost and with a stronger lab module, but Epic has proven a tough competitor, sweeping much of the large health system market.

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