Centricity EMR Review

GE Centricity EHR and Practice Management

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Centricity EMRGE offers electronic medical record and practice management systems that have been successful in the outpatient world.

GE has seen very little hospital adoption, and does not appear to be targeting acute care any longer with these products.

Under the name Centricity, GE promotes a PM system formerly known as IDX Flowcast, and an EMR that was previously Logician.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Centricity is available with either the Oracle and SQL backend database technology; however, GE has announced that they are discontinuing the Oracle product in favor of focusing on a single converged product line.

GE has ensured that the system is Meaningful Use certified, and has kept their customers on technology that can meet current requirements. Interfaces are a strong suit for Centricity, as they can be developed and utilized much quicker and more effectively that competitors such as NextGen.

The Centricity EMR can adequately handle workflow for large practices, but has been criticized as part of the old technology propped up by the government incentives. The application’s front end GUI has started to evolve, but it still feels like a Windows 95 application in an Internet world.

Centricity EMR’s Future Outlook

It is possible that the single product line strategy will allow GE to focus and release faster iterations, fixing issues and adding features to stay competitive.

Centricity has a very active client base, much like eClinicalWorks and a few others, exchanging forms, best practices, and of course, constructive complaints. KLAS scores show Centricity as a contender, but not in the top 5, for support and overall satisfaction.

This is likely a profitable system for GE, and it seems unlikely that they will walk away from this in the future, even though they are not currently the industry leaders in terms of adaption or growth.

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