Care360 EHR Review

Quest Diagnostics Care360 EMR Software Systems

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Care360 is an electronic health record offering from Quest Diagnostics.

Quest is one of the largest lab companies in the US, traded on the NYSE (DGX.) Quest competes with other ambulatory-focused EHR vendors such as Greenway, athenahealth, Allscripts, and others.

They have leveraged their significant health care industry presence to grow their Care360 electronic health record system adoption to over 300,000 providers.

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Care360 EMR

While this may be seen as simply an opportunistic add-on by a large diagnostic services company, the EHR is increasingly recognized as one of the leading system solutions available.

In 2013, the Black Book rankings placed Quest Diagnostics Care360 as top in overall satistaction in several categories.

Also, Care360 has successfully achieved the Meaningful Use certifications and continues to be a viable product in the Replacement EMR market.

If your medical practice is evaluating EHR software options, Care360 is work reviewing. It is worth considering that Quest’s strategy for offering the EHR; while they are certainly capturing additional revenue from providers they already partner with, they also could tie providers to working primarily with their lab.

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