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athenahealth Electronic Health Record & Practice Management

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athenahealth EMR

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athenahealth was founded in 1997, and is based in Massachusetts.

athenahealth has about 2200 full time employees, and is a publicly traded company. 2011 revenues were about $325M.

athenahealth software

The company was co-founded by the current CEO, Jonathan Bush, a cousin to former president George W. Bush. Mr. Bush is not media-shy; he is outspoken with his opinions and advocates passionately for modern technology use in health care.



Comparison in the Market

When comparing athenahealth to competitors such Greenway and Epic, a few factors stand out:

anthenahealth is truly cloud-based system, operating as a website instead of a client software installed locally or delivered by Citrix.

This is truly a differentiator as many of the leading EMR solutions were created before this was a common concept, and have not evolved to the point that they are truly cloud-based. Other industries have moved enthusiastically into using cloud-based software as much as possible, but that has not been as prevelant for health care organizations.anthenahealth is hoping this trend will hit health care, and they will be leading the way.

For individual providers, they have the advantage of easy access to the EMR from any Internet connection, and no need to purchase servers or manage the storage security.

They offer the full suite of clinical software options, including practice management and revenue cycle management, the EMR, and patient portal and messaging tools.

The electronic health record system is called athenaClinicals, the PM is anthenaCollector, and they have other athena* tools as detailed out on their site.

athenahealth has offered some creative pricing options to prospects, with monthly fees based on physician revenues. This can be appealing to clinics in competitive evaluations. They appear to be gaining momentum, recruiting talent from other leading health care IT vendors, and benefitting from the secondary EMR market rather than losing ground.

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